Sunday, August 20, 2006

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The below is an authentic photo journal of a German soldier that served on the Eastern Front during the Second World War. The soldier’s daughter, Christine Miller was kind enough to allow for these photos to be copied and posted on the Internet. One of the most important reasons for posting this journal is to show that there is not a single mention of the supposed “superior Aryan,” [ubermensch] or the sub-human Slav, Ukrainian and/or Jew [untermensch]. This photo-journal was put together many years ago, by the soldier himself, as you can see; entries are in his handwriting and have been transcribed by his daughter years later. This photo journal should also put to rest the lies associated with the idea that Adolf Hitler suppressed religious expression among Germans or among those in the east. Ukrainians were by and large happy to see the Germans, Stalin and the Bolsheviks suppressed their religious freedom; the German’s did not.

These photos should be spread far and wide – so if you’d like, please copy the url and send it out to whomever you’d like. Feel free to use the photographs in any manner related to informing the public.

History has been fabricated in many instances and the only way to address this and to do something about it, is to get at the truth, and this requires effort on the part of the individual. Don’t expect to ever see any photos from this journal on television, they don’t tell the story that the elite want disseminated to the masses, they don’t support the lies spread about the allegedly racist German soldier and the evil Third Reich.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

#1. A small Russian town. #2. Private First Class Heinz Postenrieder. Mering bei Augsburg.

Christmas Eve 1942

While the city quietly celebrated Christmas.

The squadrons stood guard on the long Desnafront in the outlying villages.

A Russian village in the snow.

Where the two windmills are on the street to Pogar the road leads into the village.

Russian Village

Are the straw covered houses built of wood.

Low down and small

No title [Click on image to enlarge]

No title. Click on image to enlarge.

The center of the place is the well down in the ravine. Here news is exchanged, the situation is discussed and the village stories are told.

The well is so deep that it does not freeze, not even in the harshest winter. With a long pole the Matka brings up the water and carefully carries it

An old worn out Kolchoswoman and one of her many healthy children.

That is one of the many villages in the middle section of Russia.

#1. This is how the "Landser" live in the houses, not in grand style, but warm. #2. With the 3rd squadron in Chotjanowka.

Manuevers keep the cavalry on the go.

Russian Booty. Weapons and still more.

Russian auxillary forces are trained and drilled.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The youngest, but most eager of them all, they are almost all young fellows.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

But it is not all fun and games. An undertaking against a guerilla camo in Ramassuch forest under the leadership of captain von Ruter.

10:00 in the evening, when the city is already sleeping, the forces move out. One night and a half a day the march went through the endless forest.

It looked like a robbers den. The pillboxes were blown up, only smoking ruins remained.

During the march back, the guerillas during short skirmishes had a few more casualties. During this undertaking we did not lose one man.

Undertaking into the Ramassuchwald under the leadership of Obltn. von Platen

The long row of sleds heavily fortified moves through the forest

#1. At the telegrapg sled. #2. March and cigarette break

Body of the 1. squadron [Click to enlarge image]

Attack on the guerilla village

The Front of the attack

The village was burnt down. Every house went up in flames.

March back through the burning village [Click on image to enlarge]

The endlessly long march back. Our horses did the impossible

Finally the forest has come to an end

I was spelled and came back to the city of Trubtschwesk

Our good commander Hptm von Ruter

A Cossak squadron is incorporated into the cavalry - Hptm v. Ruter inspects the lineup

The greatest success of the cavalry - Borodenka was taken

The funeral for the eight fallen comrades of Borodenka

No title

Fiesler Storch [click to enlarge]

[Click to enlarge photo]

[Photos of Russian Peasantry]

[No Title - Click on photo to enlarge]

Again Spring came to Desna and like every year the broad valley turned into a blue ocean

The Farmers plow the fields and since very often they don'y have horses, the women pull the plow

Easter In Russia

No Title [Click on photo to expand]

No Title